La Vie Dansante Wines


Happy Mother’s Day!

We had a very busy month in April and we were hoping for a chance to slow down a little… nope.

This month we’ve made a ton of progress on the Tasting Room and grounds including finishing the front wall, pouring epoxy on the bars, and installing a sprinkler system for the grass. That last one may not sound all that cool but one of the worst jobs last summer was dragging the rainbird around every day so we could water a tiny patch of grass. Now the sprinklers are all in-ground and controlled by three valves. That’s one less chore each day.

Speaking of watering, after much thought and going back-and-forth, we’ve re-planted the garden behind the winery building. Tomatoes, Peppers, herbs, cucumbers, and edemame so far. Basically, things we love to snack on or pickle. It’s a lot of work, the veggies aren’t usually as good as those at the Farmer’s Market, and you certainly don’t save and money, but hey… we like watching things grow.

The big, big news this month is that we’re finally getting to start up the “La Vie Dansante Wine Symposiums”! These are a series of classes to be held once a month on a Tuesday at GVA Cafe in downtown Morgan Hill. The first class will be on wine appreciation and how to get the most out of your visit to a Tasting Room. More details will becoming within the next couple of weeks via eMail and Facebook.

Speaking of social media, we also just created a Pinterest page for La Vie Dansante Wines. On it we’re tracking all of the DIY projects we’ve done around here as well as keeping track of other projects we’d like to tackle as we free up time/money. If you use Pinterest, follow along here: La Vie Dansante Wines

Heads up, our next wine club release will be next month on Saturday, June 3rd. We’re planning an All-American Picnic with food, music, and lots of wine in the form of a combined party for all three wine clubs. A number of Founder’s Club members elected the six bottle per year version of the club and as such won’t actually have a release this time around since they’re three bottles twice a year rather than the more common three bottles four times a year. No worries, you’re still invited to the party. Another option is to have me bump you up to the 12 bottle a year club. All of the discounts and benefits remain the same but you’ll be gaining the other two releases each year. Look for a separate email soon to explain your options further.

Lots of winemaking going on around here these days.

The new Grenache noir – a fully red Grenache – premiers in the Tasting Room on April 8th.  If you’re on our email list you’ve gotten an heads-up to a pre-release tasting happening on April 5th in downtown Morgan Hill.  Due to some old, out-of-date laws I can’t tell you where in this forum but if you’re interested drop me an email or give me a call and I can tell you the details.

Both of the new Rosé’s are headed into the bottle next week.  The first to be released, the Mourvèdre Rosé will be available in May and the Grenache Rosé is expected to release in August.

Two new wines under a brand new label – “LVD Wine Co” are also being bottled next week with expected releases over the summer.  These wines are blends based on Cabernet sauvignon farmed here on the property.  They’re being released under a different label because they’re not Rhone wines and don’t fit into the La Vie Dansante brand.  They’re be available in the Tasting Room and your wine club discount can be applied to them.

April starts up the wine Walk, Stroll, Stumble season and we’ll be pouring at Willow Glen on the 22nd and Morgan Hill on the 29th.  La Vie Dansante Wines will also be part of a trio of winemakers showcasing their wares at Bubbles Wine Bar on Thursday April 27th as part of the Morgan Hill Wine Week.

Finally, have you noticed all the press we’ve been getting recently?  It’s kind of flattering.  We’ve been in the Mercury News, The Morgan Hill Times, and the Gilroy dispatch in the past 30 days.

Busy days indeed!


Upcoming Events

Tasting Room:
Stop by and try the La Vie Dansante wines every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm.
We pour at “Blended, a Winemaker’s Studio” located on Dryden Ave east of Hwy 101 just north of Gilroy.

If you work the weekends give us a call at (408) 852-0779 or email for a weekday appointment.

5/20 – Gilroy Wine Stroll, Saturday from 2pm to 6pm. Find us at The Milias Restaurant on the corner of 6th and Monterey.

6/03 – La Vie Dansante Wine Club Release – the All-American Picnic, Saturday from 1pm to 4pm at the winery. Free for wine club members and their guests. We’re also planning to release the 2016 Mourvedre Rose at this event.

TBD – The first La Vie Dansante Wine Symposium (class) to be held at GVA Cafe in downtown Morgan Hill