La Vie Dansante Wines

Wine Symposia (Classes)

Course Structure:

La Vie Dansante Wines offers three type of wine courses; “Wine Appreciation”, “Wine Education”, and “Specialty” courses.

“Wine Appreciation” courses are designed around a fun-filled approach to learning about wine. There are no quizzes, no hard questions, and no pressure.

“Wine Education” courses are designed for the individual who is seeking a much deeper level of knowledge or help in preparing for a certification exam.

“Specialty” courses are designed to fill specific needs. Looking for somebody to lead a discussion on the future of wine retailing in the digital age, the current trends in social networking and brand building, or perhaps just a fine wine “event” for you and your friends? We can do that.

All courses include an interesting and informative lecture, a digital copy of the presentation notes, and 2 glasses (or six tastings) of wine. Tasting courses also include wine evaluation sheets and tasting notes on the wines being evaluated.

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