La Vie Dansante Wines

2014 Grenache noir – $30

Phtoto of 2014 Grenache noir Bottle

In the nose you’ll find the typical red fruit, a certain “strawberry” note that tells you the wine is mostly Grenache, but in the palate it’s joined by darker fruit and spice from 7% of Syrah added to the blend.

This is a big Grenache that can stand up to a steak or ribs, cutting through the fattiness and cleaning the palate.  It’s secret to pairing is that it doesn’t meld or blend with the food, it provides “counter-point” and contrast, cutting through heavier foods and refreshing the palate.  The wine seems bold and upfront but then lingers on the tongue.

Alc: 14.1% pH: 3.70 TA: 5.1g/L RS: 0.2g/L